You are never going to be able to believe this.

Never if ever we received so much appreciation as this time. The parents at one of the two places we were during the last mission trip, this group in Napak waited for hours while we visited with the other children. They danced and cheered when we arrived. As I got out of the car, the women literally lifted me up into the classroom where the children were. They have such a deep gratitude for everyone who supported them with food and other care during the lockdown, it is appreciated and shown!

The local CDO (community development officer) who accompanied us to each area that we visited, told us that Koinonia’s support to the children and their families, isthe only one that started but alsostayed through all the difficulties that Covid-19 brought. Truly the only organization that continued to provide assistance throughout the region during the Lockdown. As this man put it, itliterally saved lives and spared entire families from ending up on the streets of Kampala, and you name it, having to survive there like many in deplorable conditions or even end up dying from deprivation.

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