The Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project was founded in Uganda in the year 2000 and has now grown into four different projects across the country; in Kisoro, Kabale, Wakiso and Napak. Together with our local partners and team, we have already helped hundreds of street children. Thanks to the cooperation between Uganda and the home front, many children have found the path to rehabilitation and have a valuable life and a hopeful future.

We would like to invite you to be part of our project and bring HOPE to needy children.

By means of all kinds of events and actions we bring the project out to the attention of potential donors; schools, churches and people on the street. Every year the Hope festival is organized in the heart of Antwerp, an open-air event for the benefit the street children in Uganda. The focus of the event is to sensitize the population on the unequal opportunities between North-South and to encourage them to take a step towards it.

Do you want to be involved or be part of it?
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Vzw Koinonia kids *Street Children Rehabilitation Project.
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*Donations deposited on the above-mentioned account number will be integrally used for the Street Children Rehabilitation Project.

Construction project Kabale
IBAN nr.:BE96 9734 0791 1912
With indication: Building for life!

*Donations deposited on the above account number will be integrally used for the building fund in Kabale.