Will you join us on a mission to Uganda?

Will you join us on a mission to Uganda from where you are now? 🌏✈

These are some of the many children we support with food, education and other necessary things. They used to be street children, they were exposed to all kinds of abuse and other dangers, they lived from day to day. Some of their friends, brothers and sisters didn’t make it…. They are so happy to have the opportunity to break the chains of poverty and despair!

These children are no different than my and your children, they have dreams like we all do.

You can help one of the many children to have the chance in life they deserve. With 50€ a month you can make this big difference for one of them. There are many children waiting for someone like you. The world would be a more beautiful place if we could share a little of what we are blessed with in the west.

Will you give this a place in your thoughts today? 🌱❀

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