Sponsor een Kind

Difficult to believe but so true! There are still so many treasures to find on the streets, at thgarbage bins, by the road. They are passed by as people rush to their work, families, urgent appointments, important goals… The street children of Uganda. Rejected, abused, full of drugs and rags, in gangs or exploitation. Some literally born there, others rejected, and abandoned, spending their years, being cut off from every opportunity that our children have, knowing not what is to be loved, cherished and valued. Each one of them is a precious stone in its own. Will you take a look at them today? Will you take up one? Will you make the best deal ever? Wise men buy when the market is low.

There are many children waiting for someone with a loving ❤ to help them on their way to recovery.
€30 a month* is the cost you pay to rescue this priceless treasure out of the dust!
Do not hesitate and contact us today. You can offer hope and true change for the future.

*€30 a month as a contribution to the sponsoring of a child or €50 a month for exclusive sponsoring (1 sponsor a child.)