Sponsor een Kind

Incredible yet true! Precious treasures can still be found among the dust and the dirt: the street children of Uganda, wandering around the rubbish dumps and alongside the busy roads. People walk by, rushing to work, on their way to family, urgent appointments and important business; not really interested. Aftr all, they have been there so long that they are part of the scene…

Some of them are literally born on the street, others rejected, abused, exploited, in gangs, full of drugs and in rags. There they are, spending their years and tears, left on their own, denied of any chance, hope or prospect.

Their traumatic life is in no way comparable to what we consider normal for our own children. They don’t know what it is to be loved, cherished and protected. Yet each of them is a precious gem, a hidden treasure that deserves to be discovered and valued.

Are you just passing by today or are you going to take a look? Will you open your hart for one of them? So many children are waiting for someone with a loving ❤ to help them on their way to recovery. With a small cost of € 30 * you can rescue a treasure of great worth out of the dust. Do not hesitate and contact us today.

Your choice can make all the difference for one of them, offering new hope and a chance for the future.

*€30 a month as a contribution to the sponsoring of a child or €50 a month for exclusive sponsoring (one sponsor for one child.)



Weekly meal distribution among street children. The contact point for screening and possible assistance. Advocados are a real treat for the children. ❤

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Julliet, our Child Development Officer

Juliet, our Child Development Officer in Kisoro is visiting our students at Kisoro Vision Highschool together with the project coordinator. Dormitory students are only allowed to go home during vacation period and for the rest they stay in dormitories to focus on their studies. Studies=future for the youth.❤

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Bon with Kinga

A dress and a little toy from her sponsors, our visitors from Austria. It’s like heaven on earth for our sweetheart Bon! ❤

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