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A short word from Simon, about how he experiences working with children who come from the streets. Simon has been appointed in Masulita Children village as the supervisor of the children who are taken care of there for some time of rehabilitation. This before they go back to Napak, and are reunited with still existing family members, distant or close from where they will be further supported by Koinonia.

A short word from Simon from Masulita children village.

I was very happy when I could start working for Koinonia with the street children. It is fantastic how I can make the combination between teaching them the word of God and connected to that, their spiritual recovery which then translates to their social behaviour towards others.  With these children who do not know the love of God, it is beautiful to bring them with their broken hearts to Him, and see how they heal from their pain. Because these children often miss the love, attention and care of their parents for a very long time, I feel like a substitute father for them. It is quite a challenge to work with these children and it is not always easy. They bring a lot of baggage with them, all kinds of addictions, violence and abuse, things that are very hard for them to bear and cannot be solved in a moment. It is a long road, not always easy, that I want to walk with them. These children need our attention, special attention, attention that is often beyond our capacity, but just where I fail, God comes to my aid and does what I cannot. Meanwhile, many of our children can go to school which is not so common for them, and some are back together with their families which otherwise could never have been.

God bless!

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