Building Project

Housing is quite evident for everyone in west Europe but not the case a bit further in the world.

The street children of Uganda are up to date, clear evidence of the fact. In the course of the last decades, these children have been the most vulnerable victims of poverty, HIV epidemic, war, and exploitation. Far more than being unprotected against heat and tropical rain and exposed to all kinds of abuse, these children are deprived of any basis for healthy life development.

Since 2000, Koinonia has been working with children and young people from the streets of Uganda. With meals and follow up, housing, guidance, education, and rehabilitation, the organization takes care of several hundred children in various projects across the country. They are rescued out of rubbish dumps, drugs, abuse, exploitation and rejection. A team of committed staff members in Uganda but also volunteers and loyal sponsors on this side, are the backbone in the battle against the suffering and the extreme poverty of these children.

The building of new shelter and rehabilitation center is the next step. We would like to offer this to the children of Kabale, in the south-west of Uganda, as a foundation for life. At the same time, we are offering an opportunity to you, your family, community, school, company…, to build the future with us. Your contribution, small or large, is of great importance!

Invite us for an action and/or a presentation of the street children rehabilitation project in Uganda. We are at your disposal to discuss all possibilities.

Are you a sponsor? 30€/50€* per month means hope and life! There are many children waiting for an opportunity. Become the heart and hand that reaches out to them. Contact us today.