Water Project

Partner to offer water and a future to children in Uganda WATER IS LIFE What we can take for granted here in the West is not the case everywhere in the world. In Africa and in particular in Uganda, there are places where children have to walk daily 10 kilometers to fetch water for their families. Apart from the major effects upon health, lack of water is one of the main factors of poverty since agriculture is the main source of food and income for a large part of the population. EVERY CHILD has the right to education but many children in Uganda are deprived of this right due to extreme poverty. KOINONIA has been active for 15 years in Uganda helping street children, the most vulnerable among the population. Join us to make a difference by investing in their lives today!


Account Name: Koinonia Ministries (*Street Children Rehabilitation Project)

Account number: ING 320 – 0091361 – 57

IBAN: BE09 3200 0913 6157 BIC: BBRUBEBB

*All gifts deposited on this account are exclusively used for the Street Children Rehabilitation Project.