Skills are precious for a child’s proper development. By giving children the opportunity to receive training, they can become an essential part of their general education and future. In addition to formal education, our children are given the opportunity to follow vocational training packages such as sewing skills. For some, this is a nice extra and an added value in their everyday lives. For others, this becomes a livelihood, often for the whole family.

The sewing workshop in Kisoro started in 2013 as an additional activity. The then passionate teacher started with 11 children. Soon, the enthusiasm of these children spread to the others, and one after the other came to ask if they could follow these classes. Young and old, all ages were welcome and so this class was expanded to 4 lessons per week, divided into 2 levels.

The following learning stages are covered by the training:

  • Sales
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Fine finishing

The course offers two types of trainings:

1. Training on manual sewing machines.
2. Training on electric sewing machines.

Many of our children master these skills well and can use these acquired skills to support their families with financial aid. To make this happen for them, we are happy to invest in a starter pack including a sewing machine. We also speak of a resettlement package with a view to future self-sustainability.

Not only future-oriented, but also today our kids use these already acquired skills and make beautiful backpacks that will be used in a size larger for going to school.

At the annual Hope Festival in Antwerp, these handmade items are offered for sale for the benefit of the street children project.


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