Active is an orphan. He was 5 years old when he got in touch with Koinonia

 His mother died during birth. He never knew his father. An aunt took him along with his older brother and took care of them for a few years, though they were very poor. When she could no longer afford it and had no money to pay for the rent of the small place where they lived, he abandoned them and has since then missed. The children returned from school one day and found nobody home. They went to the streets. They survived on metal pieces found and sold to buy some food. When they couldn’t find anything, they spent all day without food. They contacted KOINONIA through their weekly lunch programs from street children in Kabale. There is no other known member of the family so far. Koinonia takes care of Active and his brother and provides for their support and education. Active is loved and cared for!

There are many children like Active, they wait for someone with a loving ❤ to help them on their way to recovery.
€30 a month* is the cost you pay to rescue this priceless  treasure out of the dust!
 Do not hesitate and contact us today. You can offer hope and true change for the future.

*€30 a month as a contribution to the sponsoring of a child or €50 a month for exclusive sponsoring (1 sponsor a child.)

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