Keihangwe Jovia

Jovia Keihangwe

Keihangwe Jovia is 32 years old and has been working with Koinonia for 12 years.

I started in 2008 as a matron and was promoted to a coordinator later on and I currently serve as the national project coordinator. l was single when I started and had just graduated from school.

Today I am married and a mother of 2 children. I love working with children and l enjoy seeing them loved and supported in all ways, especially those who are vulnerable and marginalized. l find pleasure in being to the voice of the voiceless. Working with them has been a very meaningful experience. They taught me so much. Their amazing stories have opened my heart to new insights and to love them even more. l definitely consider them as my own children. We have many children that are doing very well after completing their time at the rehabilitation projects of Koinonia. I cherish their stories.

My great appreciation goes to the team of volunteers from Belgium and Austria and all the sponsors that consistently love and care for these needy children.
May God bless you so much.

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