Report on Hope Festival 2022

Works of love are never in vain. Though the full outcome may not be obvious at once, they are collected to yield an even greater harvest later on.
During every Hoop Festival a lot of work is done by many people. The revenue and attendance can hardly compensate such efforts. Yet we see a grace that continues to increase and a radiance that reaches further and further

Lots of rain showers, a lot of joy and priceless commitment has been the experience of the Hope Festival on September 17. A large second-hand market was set out under the various tents, while various dishes, some even made on site, were sold and enjoyed. Each stand was staffed with a team of volunteer workers who had come from near and far. Each of them was engaged with enthusiasm towards the common goal, and paid little attention to the unfavorable weather conditions. We knew who we were doing it for and that He is a Rewarder!

Skilled artists took the stage in shifts on the Dageraadplaats of the Zurenborg that day. No one was held back and one by one they came to fill their time block with their particular colors and scents. Antwerp has talent a lot of talent and one of them is called Karista. She came to serve faithfully at the Hoop Festival with the choir of her church. It wasn’t the first neither the second or the third time. Karista has been performing at the festivals of Koinonia since she was a little girl, be it with dance or song. She has always been a little star but today she is known and has grown up to a full-size star. Look what collected efforts can do!

The stage technique, sound and image were carefully enhancing the podium performances and complementing it with a livestream that made it possible for those who were unable to come, to follow the event. During the entire event, images of Uganda and the street children played on the large LED screen next to the stage, building a bridge with the children over there.

The children tent welcomed many many children and served them during the day. The westher did not stop them and every time a rain shower broke out, they came to shelter under the tent. ”It was a party!” was the statement of Carmen Correas, in charge of that stand. ”Let the children come to me”, she added, in the Lord’ own words! Each of these children came and went happily with a booklet of ‘The Good Artist’ and a colorful balloon with the inscription, ‘Jesus loves all children’.

Jesus also loves the children in Uganda and we want to help them see that by being a practical expression of His love. The proceeds from the sale and donations of the day are dedicated to the education of the Koinonia Kids in Uganda so that as many children as possible can attend secondary and higher education. Yes, because what is evident here, covered and subsidized by the government, is by no means possible for many children in Uganda.

The Spirit-filled speeches from the podium, completed the efforts of organisers, volunteers and artists. The testimonies, exhortations, and gospel proclamations resounded over the Dageraadplaats. The neighbourhood that set in darkness saw a great light that day. The area police agent was also present. He kept coming and showing up from the very beginning, even before the start of the festival. Eventually he sat in the church next to the square during the rehearsals of the worship. He stayed, definitely attracted, till he really had to leave.

The children of Uganda, the Koinonia Kids team here and there and the collaborating churches thank everyone who has prayed, engaged and gave for them. The need is always greater than the means, but like the two little fishes and the five loafs, the Lord knows how to multiply and meet all needs with what is offered to Him with love and faith.

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