Debora Uzamukunda

Deborah is 11 years old and comes from the south-west of Uganda,.the Chahi village in the Kisoro district.

She was only 7 when she ended up on the street being neglected and due to extreme poverty. Her father left the mentally unstable mother and the family fell completely apart. Hunger and lack of an opportunity for education drive many, many children on the streets in Uganda. They are abused and exposed to drugs and gangs while at a tender age.  A year after joining the street, she came in contact with KOINONIA who worked among the street children of Kisoro. Koinonia’s project coordinator mediated with Deborah’s family and offered help so that she could go to school. Currently, Koinonia supports her with food and fees and Deborah is followed up closely. She is doing well and likes school. She is in the third grade of primary school. She has been saved from the streets and now has hope for the future.

There are many children like Deborah, they wait for someone with a loving ❤ to help them on their way to recovery.

€30 a month* is the cost you pay to rescue this priceless treasure out of the dust!
 Do not hesitate and contact us today. You can offer hope and true change in the future. 

*€30 a month as a contribution to the sponsoring of a child or €50 a month for exclusive sponsoring (1 sponsor a child.)

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