Emmanuel, Field Officer

To deliver the necessary food parcels and other items to our children in Napak, Northern Uganda, he braves weather conditions, corona situations and other difficulties, sometimes at the risk of his own life!

In this way, even when no one is venturing into the area, he regularly visits our children and makes time for a good conversation. As he himself describes below, “they know him as a friend”! From these precious conversations, interim reports are made and transmitted so that we are well informed of the ups and downs of our kids.

A report from Emmanuel himself, our “tough” Field Officer. 

My experience from working at Koinonia Ministries.

Through working in Koinonia, I have learned a lot about dealing with children, but also with the parents and their village community. They now know me as “the Field officer” of Koinonia and that makes the communication more open, meanwhile I have become a “friend” to everyone!

Working for Koinonia has taught me to see their deeper needs and how to meet them.

Through the years and long-lasting relationships, I can now teach the children a little about what is good for them, and that they need to be careful of in order not to be violated. They listen attentively to what I say, so I try to be open and honest with them, and I make myself empathetic to listen to their problems. That way we have good communication with each other. The children feel at ease and they, in turn, are also very open and honest in what they say. As a result, I learn a lot about their mental or physical state. Even when and they are on holiday with their parents, they used to call me and ask me: how are you, are you okay?:)

My aim is to work towards:

– The safety of the children, mentally and physically.
– Restoring the broken ‘hope’ in their lives through that small piece of guidance that I can contribute.
– Defending the rights of every child.
– A life of dignity for them by providing the children with what they need.
– Seeking the best for each child based on their personality and their own desires.
– Equal opportunities by seeing and treating all children equally.
– Confidentiality by keeping personal matters that make them vulnerable within the group confidential from third parties.

Working together in love and unity has contributed to my own development.

It has made me more confident in who I am and what I do.
It has taught me to work with a willing heart and in a creative way among people who put God first in everything they do.
It brings transparency and trust to the community.
The good relationship that exists between us contributes to the stability of the work and at the same time gives me peace.

I try to do my best without complaining or grumbling, and every day I work, seen or unseen, with full commitment! Just as it is written in the Bible in Colossians 3:23 that we should work with all our hearts as if it were for the Lord and not for people, to serve Him.


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