Sponsorship for the Namulen family

The family of a very special girl, Maria Namulen, here the mother and four of her seven children

Napak where the family Namulen lives is the region where 70% of the street children in Uganda come from.  The area is very poor and there is an extreme drought. Food and water are scarce. The very poor facilities, coupled with the lack of necessary support from the government, topped up by the former and recent armed conflicts, have left this place devastated and inhospitable.

Small scale livestock breeding and agriculture in the form of a backyard gardening is usually their only source of food. We are talking about primitive, basic and counted crops.  Due to the extreme drought, there is often no harvest or water for them, let alone for the livestock. The young girls often have to walk miles to fetch water for the very basic needs of the family, while the boys go the extra mile with the cattle to find water. To escape the hunger and shortage, desperate parents send their children to the capital, with the hope of a better future and a small income.  That is how many children end up on the streets living in exploitation.

Life is not easy for the family Namulen, they are extremely poor. The children live at home, but they are in danger of ending up in street life as well because of the shortages at home.

Amolo Longola, that is the mother’s name, is solely responsible for the care of her seven children. She does her best and tries to provide for each of them with some food, by producing and selling charcoal. Unfortunately there are many days that she does not succeed in doing this.

Maria Namulen

The grief after the death of Maria (see picture), one of her daughters, is still there, but she tries to cope with it courageously.

The other dark cloud that haunts them is the constant threat of a murderous gang, the cattle raiders that have been and still are terrorizing this region for a long time. Afraid for her own life and that of her children, she flees from one place to another. In this way it is not possible for her to cultivate a piece of land and use the proceeds to feed her family.

She does what she can, but they need our help more than ever to raise her children in dignity.  Can we help her together?

We are looking for a sponsor for the brothers and sisters of Maria Namulen, someone who wants to lighten the heavy burden of the mother and bring light to her miserable life.

Are you interested in making some space in your heart for one of them? Let us know as soon as possible. We are convinced that every of these precious children will be a source of great joy in your life!

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  1. Munters carloFebruary 5, 2022

    Ik munters carlo wil voor tebeginnen te sponseren voor de familie Manullen voor 30 euro per maand 1jaar lang en dan zal ik zien.
    IK HEB nog een sponserjongen in Brasilie.
    We hebben ook nu te maken met de dure gas en elektriciteit kosten.


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