Go well Junior Ronald and Ben Uwiringye

Meanwhile we had to say goodbye to 2 of our boys who have left the project. Handsome guys with good prospects, unrecognizable with the children we once found on the street in their total hopelessness.

Both have already found work while they were still in training or waiting for their diploma. See them shine! Proud of what they have accomplished and that they now can help provide for the family, so that their siblings do not have to share the same fate from whence they once came. Their gratitude to Koinonia and the staff who worked with all their hearts for them is great.

In the letter of thanks that they wrote to their sponsors, they tell them, that what they have done for them, they will never be able to repay and therefore will never forget them.

We bless them, 2 boys who succeeded in breaking the circle of poverty with God’s help, what a victory!

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