Building Project Kabale – part 2 Update

Look at the construction site

Just a few moments ago we were happy to show you a nice overview, of the started work on the future new house in Kabale. Today we have taken another step forward, and we can see that what was once a beautiful plan, is taking shape at a steady pace. Just as a baby takes shape in the mother’s womb, so does our house. Just like when a baby is expected, we are counting down the days until our building project grows into a full-fledged, safe place for the children to live in!

We have big plans! On the picture you see a recorded image of the house in its entirety. In order to get the realization of this complete plan together, we will definitely have to wait for a while. In the meantime we have started, and we want to keep you informed, and at the same time show you that what has been received, is well used for the purpose for which it was donated.

We have split this construction project in order to work with the available funds that we are raising together with you. We chose to start with a residence for the boys. This puts us in a position to make the house immediately usable for the reception and rehabilitation of street children, while we work on expanding the other facilities.

Today we want to amplify our appeal to help make the next phase of the house a reality!

You can help by contributing part of the cost for:

A)* The finishing of the floors and walls with a cost of 3,132 euros.
B)* The roof with a total materials cost of 3,992 euros.
C)* The electricity works with a total materials cost of 3,993 euros.
D)* The water supply infrastructure with a total materials cost of 5,159 euros.
E)* The doors with a total materials cost of 1,711 euros.
F)* The windows with a total materials cost of 1,097 euros.

You can help with a donation large or small once or monthly.
You can divide your gift over several months and include this on the notification.
You can deposit your gift on account number BE19 9734 0791 1912 / BIC ARSPBE22
stating ‘Building for life’ + a cost part chosen by you such as; *Windows, *Roof, *Doors etc.

Every donation big and small counts and contributes to the happiness of the children who will shelter, live and grow in this house!

Big thanks from the children and the team in Belgium and Uganda!

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