Hope Festival 2020

Hope festival
on October 24, 2020
At the Groenplaats – in Antwerp

No one can deny that our time has been deeply marked by the COVID-19. Everyone needs hope.

While the news and the stories continue to come in from March to the present, both from home and abroad, the desire to bring forth a message of hope, beyond words, has been increasing. The SOS- campaign for the street children of Uganda, during the Lock-down, is an evidence that the same anticipation breaths and lives in many people. the generous donations have enabled us to continue supporting the children and their families and save them from the worst. Gratefully and with a renewed wind under our wings, we move on.

Gospel performances and speeches are featured in this edition of the festival, while a flea market for the benefit of street children of Uganda will be set up in the tents on the square. The Hope festival is presented in an adapted format to meet the need, the safety criteria but also the demand in society. Our focus this year will be equally on the people here and the children in Uganda; all who have been affected by the consequences of the pandemic.

We want to convey a message of hope and engage with the public about the current situation and the concerns of people today. We certainly do not have everything in hand, but the place we take towards our fellowmen in need, our voice and helping hand, can make a big difference.

Uganda is gradually coming out of the lockdown. Although the number of victims Is much less than in Belgium, the country and in particular children and disadvantaged people, were more severely affected by the measurements than by the epidemic itself. It will most likely be a “dead year” for schools. The borders and schools have been closed so far. The commencement date set for education is at the end of September. Meanwhile many young people have dropped out of schools, looking for a job to sustain them since the social system there is very basic. Others have fled into premature marriages as a result of the long studies interruption. Now is the time to step in, support, uplift and strengthen.

Your report for cooperation, your hands and donations are essential to make this day come true and thus achieve its goal, hope for our city and hope for Uganda.

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