A little update from Samoel and Kinga

Many of these children are like treasures found in the ashes. As soon as they are taken out, washed, worked with them, they become beautiful jewels.

During our visit in Uganda, we were amazed observing the difference between the behaviour of the sponsored, former street children, and the unsponsored children attending the same school. The Koinonia Kids were showing a lot of honour in the various social encounters, having surprisingly good manners in their interactions with us and each other. After the behaviour, we could easily tell which kids are part of the Koinonia family.

It is worthwhile to invest in these little treasures! They are the pillars and the future of a nation.

One picture says more than thousand words… Nevertheless, behind this picture, there is a story to tell, a beautiful one about a family reunion.

Because of the famine, the mother took her children to the capital city hoping to find a better life. Sadly, her kids were found on the streets of Kampala, begging for bread. When the police arrested them, they were sent to the children prison. After negotiantions, they were entrusted to the care of Koinonia and their partner organisation.  They spent a few months at the partner home for street children and were helped to return home in Napak district where the family was reunited. Four of their children are supported by Koinonia. That made that the mother has never gone back on the streets of the capital city. 

The family is the smallest unit of a society.  Strengthening the family means empowering a nation.

Samoel & Kinga Hering, Antonia Zanchi

There are many children like them, they are waiting for someone with a loving ❤ to help them on their way to recovery.
€30 a month* is the cost you pay to rescue this priceless treasure out of the dust!

Do not hesitate and contact us today. You can offer hope and true change in the future.

*€30 a month as a contribution to the sponsoring of a child or €50 a month for exclusive sponsoring (1 sponsor a child.)


  1. Henry SsekanaabiMay 18, 2021

    I would love to volunteer. This would be like giving back because am almost like those kids though for me it was another organisation. Right now i finished university with a degree in economics. Am just waiting for graduation. I can help in accounts, social work, field, data analysis and economics or even a driver because i have a valid driving permit. I live in kireka. Wakiso district. Thank you

    1. Hi there Henry,
      Bless you so very much for wanting to help.
      I would suggest you get in touch with the office through the contact page. Just click here. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Leave as many details as possible for the team to make the right decisions.

      bless you and hope to hear from you soon.
      Site Administrator


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