Anas Ismael – Update

Dear readers,

Do you still remember the picture of that small, battered boy Anas Ismael, a sweet child of barely 10 years old, who was in danger of ending up in the street life because of the hardship at home.

From Koinonia, we sent out an appeal for Anas to bring him and his needs to the attention of the world. A few weeks later, we received the joyful news that one of you had spotted this little boy and opened her heart to receive him into their family! This already sounded like music to our ears but the good news continues.

After a few questions about the family, the need of Anas’ three sisters also came forward and these little gems also got a place in the family of these ‘saviours in need’! 4 children from one family for whom the ‘beautiful song’ is not over, and who now get the chance to sing a song of joy, hope and future about their lives!

We are celebrating!

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