Still no sponsor for Ismail Anas

Ismail is 10 and comes from Kisoro.

He is one of the children we have been following closely for some time through the weekly food distribution we organize in the city. This is an opportunity for us to get to know the children better as well as their background and current home situation. But also their willingness to be effectively helped beyond the food distribution.

Ismail’s parents are both still alive, his father is Habimana Smael and his mother is called Jamiru. The dad earns a meagre wage repairing shoes, the mom has no job and takes care of the children as best she can.

The small income of the father is not enough to make ends meet and going to school is not always possible. The 4 older brothers of Ismail have dropped out of school because the school fees could not be paid. It is even more difficult when the parents cannot feed the family, it is hard when you see that the children are hungry and you are not able to help. on the streets

So it happens that Ismail goes out on the streets to look for something to eat in garbage pits trying to fill his hungry belly. He also tries to find pieces of metal to sell for a little money.  This is a very difficult situation for Ismail, on the street he has to deal with violence and all kinds of abuse which puts his life in danger, but on the other hand there is no other way for him to escape from hunger.

We are looking for a sponsor for Ismail, someone who chooses from the heart for Ismail and his welfare so that he no longer has to go out on the streets at the risk of his life and that light comes into his miserable life.

Are you that person? You can contact us through the contact page.

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