Izadufasha Christopher

Izadufasha Christopher

My name is Christopher.

I am a former street kid, one of the children Pr Eugenia picked from the street in the year 2003 in Uganda. I had lost all hope by then. I was neglected by everyone; it was not easy at all. I used to sleep outside, eat from the garbage, had no opportunity to go to school.

I was also stubborn, I would smoke marijuana and cannabis, drink alcohol, engage in gangs, fight … But I was shown kindness and mercy, received a completely different, Christian upbringing. No one who looks at me today could tell that I was a street kid once… I am transformed into a disciplined young man who cares for others and I am a peacemaker.

I work as a security officer at a large hotel where I am appreciated. I have a family and I was able to further my studies. I graduated recently with a B.A. Decree in Theology and Christian leadership. I serve as an associate pastor in my church as well.

I am grateful to mum whom God used to bring me to out of the streets and bring me to the street children rehabilitation home of KOINONIA, and to all those who made it possible for me to access education, clothes, food, the Word of God, care…

We were many street kids who were picked up from the street by Koinonia Ministries. On behalf of all of them, I share my story and say thank you.

Be blessed
Izadufasha Christopher

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