My name is Owamalia Ruth

I live in Kabale, Uganda, and have been working for 10 years in the street children rehabilitation project of Koinonia Ministries. In the beginning I was appointed as the person responsible for the children, meanwhile I have been promoted to the position of project coordinator of the project in Kabale.  My motivation to work with children is because I love children very much and have a great passion for them. It makes me really happy to see how children are helped out of difficult situations, and then they completely change into responsible children. I also find it wonderful to experience that for those children, where all hope had disappeared, hope appears again!

One of the children that this great change has happened is junior Ronald. He came from a very bad situation and lived on the streets. His father had abandoned him. On the streets he used drugs. He was dressed in dirty rags. It was so bad with him that even his fellow street kids nicknamed him ‘pig’.  In 2012 we picked him up from the streets and he had the chance to start a new life. He completed his training in welding and now has work, he is doing well and he is now called by his real name.

Greetings and blessings,

Sr Ruth

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