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Some news regarding our 2 last sponsored children Marit and Lolengo, who were left orphaned and helpless after the death of their grandmother. As you will remember, after a truly emergency intervention via social media, brother and sister were taken in shortly after each other by two moved sponsors in their family. What a joy, for us but especially for these two little ones! Recently we received a short update. Here are some fragments:

Marit is still sad about the death of her mom and dad, who died shortly before her grandma, she does her best not to be sad, but it is not easy for her when she sees friends with their parents. She is so happy that God heard her prayer, and that she now belongs to the Koinonia family. Marit is looking forward to being able to go to school, she is grateful.

Lolengo is happy that he and his sister now live with auntie, and that there is now enough food for everyone, and he is not hungry anymore. When grandma died he was very afraid that there would be no one left to take care of them. He hopes to go to school soon, so he can learn all kinds of things, he is grateful.

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  1. BeaNovember 20, 2022

    Waar ik kan meer kin zien voor welke kan helpen?


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