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Koinonia Kids – Street Children Rehabilitation Project

zonnebloem 1Sponsor Action throughout the year

At every event of KOINONIA, we set up a presentation of the street children project in Uganda.

In addition to the weekly administration, our team of volunteers is setting up for Actions in schools, churches and places we are asked to promote our projects, for the benefit of the street children in Uganda.

zonnebloem 6On the 26th of April 2017, KOINONIA was invited to attend a sponsorship action at primary school “De Zonnebloem” in Antwerp.

The children had prepared, put together and then sold all the items they had prepared.  The sale was home-made items from every class drawings, craftwork, pancakes, etc.  All for the benefit of the street children.

CADE School pic2In November 2016 there was a hotdog campaign for the benefit of the street children where the teachers and the students of CADE school have prepared everything. A team of Koinonia was also there to support.

In October 2016, Katia Van De Broeck and Yves Munezero went to CADE primary school in Aartselaar to speak about the street children rehabilitation project during religious lessons about KOINONIA’s work.

zonnebloem 7KOINONIA events throughout the year which the KOINONIA KIDS project is presented include:
– Greatest Gift Festival
– Agape Festival
– Shalom Festival in Antwerp and Brussels
– Freedom Festival in Ghent and others

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