Koinonia Kids – HOPE FESTIVAL on Saturday 10 September 2016 from 12:00 to 18:00 at Groenplaats, Antwerp.

hopefestival-frontGospel concert for the benefit of the Street Children in Uganda.

“Love is like a flame that shines in the dark. When many flames come together, they dispelled the darkness,” stated the president of KOINONIA, Eugenia Daskalopoulou, in her call for support for the street children in Uganda.

Gospel Artists and various local evangelical churches join forces in the ongoing fight against child exploitation and street life of disadvantaged children in Uganda. Our motto remains: “We will leave no child behind!”

KOINONIA is committed for many years for the rehabilitation, resettlement and education of street children in the region. Whilst at the same time, it raises awareness in Belgium by open air events, like the Hope Festival, as well as school and charity activities, building bridges between ordinary people and where the need exists.

The HOPE FESTIVAL takes place twice per year in Antwep for the benefit of the street children in Uganda, in a family atmosphere of singing, dancing, children’s entertainment, food and drink from various stalls, depicting a rainbow of hope as people from different backgrounds come together.

More information:
Contact person: Eugenia Daskalopoulou | info@koinonia.be | 0497 43 64 84 |www.koinoniaKIDS.org


August 2016 – Mission team from Belgium with employees and our older boys in Kisoro-Nyakabande Koinonia Rehabilitation home.  




Koinonia Kids – HOPE FESTIVAL on Saturday 28 May from 13:00 to 19:00 at Groenplaats, Antwerp.hope poster 2016

More than ever our country needs good news!

Just like every year, the Koinonia Hope Festival in cooperation with Gospel Palace and Evangelical communities share in a very practical way the message of hope and love for the Street Children of Uganda. With a gospel concert, performances, colorful children’s work, stands with food and a flea market provides, the Hope Festival supports the Street Children Rehabilitation Project in Uganda and simultaneously proclaims hope in the city.

Would you support us?

You can share or publicize the event through your social media or newsletter and invite your family and friends to come to the event. If you need posters and flyers, they are available upon request.

Financial gifts for the street children project are greatly appreciated and will enable us to help more street children in Uganda.

If you want to become a new sponsor or arrange for a presentation of our street children project in your work place, school or church, please get in touch today.

More information: info@koinonia.be
Contact person: Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou, Chairperson Koinonia Ministries, mob. 0497/43.64.84 and Yves Munezero, Project Coordinator, mob. 0485/07.07.96



loumo christine.jpg 22.04.2016Loumo Christine
Christine is five years old. She is studying in Lorengochora school, first grade in primary education in Napark district. She has only the grandmother; her parents have died. The situation at home is very bad. They have no food and not even the necessary daily things.
. .
Therefore, Christine is staying in a local boarding school. She visits her grandmother during the school holidays.
logole MarikoLongole Mariko
Mariko is six years old and is studying in Lopeei school, first grade in primary schools. He had to do the first year twice.
He only has his mother, who still lives in a straw house on a common piece of land along with many other people.
Mariko also stays in a boarding school and only go home during the school holidays.