Koinonia Kids – Newsletter October 2016

A full house was at the Koinonia shelter for street children in Kampala, Wakiso during the visit of the mission team from Belgium in August.
Still every child is so precious! Would you like to sponsor a child today? 

Newsletter – October 2016

Masulita Children Village was the home where Koinonia received the former prison children from the capital in Uganda for more than a year. The cooperation agreement between Koinonia and UWESO, a local organization working among underprivileged children, resulted to two new divisions of our work among street children, first in central and then in northern Uganda.
After thirteen years of operations in the southwest of the country, we doubled the number of our children.

The reception of the 66 former prison children demanded all our faith and ability. Still, it was our desire to utilize the shelter to the full capacity as we decided to go ‘until there is no child left on the streets’.  During the resettlement of the first group of 66 children in the north of the country, there began a new challenge: placing children in families and schools, while strictly monitoring and overseeing this process in order to prevent the return of the children back to the streets. With solid management and the support of our loyal sponsors, we are on the way to true change and a future of hope for our children.

Schoolchildren from Koinonia in Karupat primary school in the north during the visit of the mission team in August. Stefanos on his first missionary journey. Each year, this opportunity is offered to everyone.
Meanwhile, there was the need of even more children who still lived on the street to be resettled… Prior conversations with the government enabled us to take in more children without having to go through the appalling conditions in the children’s prison in Kampala. With an intake of 152 children, a newborn and 12 street mothers, we accomplished this goal.

After a pursue of three years, we have obtained for the first time a grant from the city of Antwerp. This helped us to take new step and again double the number of children under our care. The grant will cover our contribution for the stay of the new children in the home until the end of the year. Afterwards, the children will be brought back to their place of origin. From there on we depend on individual sponsorships and one-off donations.

Therefore, we organized a second edition of the Hope Festival in September, last month. With gospel music, children’s entertainment, sale of food and second-hand market for the benefit of the street children project, we made people aware of the situation in Uganda and sought more sponsors.

Gospel bands and committed volunteers at September’s Hope Festival in Groenplaats, Antwerp.
Together we can ensure that no child is left on the streets of Uganda!

Good news from Kisoro: the promised piece of land was granted after years of waiting. The leasing contract with the local government was signed after long administrative and bureaucratic delays. We want to build a school there focusing first on primary education and vocational training. We are looking for people, schools, churches, companies who have a vision for this and are willing to work together with us.

Wilhelm Mistiaen is a professor at the University of Antwerp. He was part of our mission team this summer and taught in the medical institute of Mutolere Hospital in Kisoro.
We are thankful for our loyal employees at Kisoro and Kabale in southwestern Uganda. The two shelters continue to take care of many children, some staying there and others that are supported in schools or families until they have completed studies or training.
Large administrative files are compiled at this time in both projects in order to comply with new government guidelines.
Both projects systematically reach out with weekly outreach programmes to children who still live on the streets, in order to help them get on a straight track.
Cheap drugs accompany life on the streets… Street children and youth in Kabale live and work in garbage dumps for their daily bread.

A major asset to our home is the new 10.000L water reservoir in Kisoro, donation of Water-Link Antwerp. The dry periods leave Nyakabande and surrounding districts of Kisoro often without water. Harvesting rainwater is the most efficient way to withstand these seasons.

Dance performances by our children in Kisoro.

Would you like to arrange a presentation at your school, business, church?  You can sign up as a volunteer. It’s really fun!

Contact us: or 0498 81 61 56.

Next mission trip: January 2017.  You can always give a little attention to your sponsor child by contributing or coming along.

Your commitment means a world of difference for our children in Uganda.